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Looks like his life took a turn for the weird when he left home a few months ago. Survival wasn't that hard but now he had to realize all those situations his powers would've came in handy for when he was back at home. Like getting the remote when he was feeling really lazy. Fending off attacks from his mom. Choking people like some sort of ninja from across the room with just a pinch of your fingers. Magic tricks, ruling the world, so on and so forth. He could sit here all day and come up with different ways to utilize his powers for the sake of laziness and self gain but apparently Lecs here expected him to be all responsible and hone his powers so that he could help him or something. After killing that eyeless hound thing he felt maybe he could use his powers for something other then making himself look cool and powerful. Defending himself was one. But, what he wanted to know was what the Monachus, monks, old people or whatever he was supposed to call them were talking about earlier when they mentioned an oncoming disaster.

" So," Dante's deep voice was directed at Lecs. The gather crowd of Monachus didn't bother him in the least. He left all his fucks at home with his dead mom. " What about this disaster you guys mentioned earlier?" Unlike Dante, Lecs couldn't take the negative attention he was getting from all of his peers. His raspy voice had a hint of concern as he spoke. " We should take this elsewhere.  Come with me." Lecs declared as he turned and began to walk towards the array of trees,lush grass,and dense row of bushes that made up the makeshift barrier between the village and the surrounding forest. Without any concern like a lethargic sloth, Lecs walked through the bushes and into the forest. With one more visual scan of the crowd around him, Dante followed Lecs' movements into the forest, pushing any branches out of his way. The dead foliage in the grass represented the coming of fall as they cracked under Dante's dirty sneakers.  

"Alright old man, where are we going?" demanded the young adolescent, while Lecs only continued to cut through the forest. His psychokinesis was used to move and keep anything out of their path while they navigated through everything. A disappointed sigh passed through Dante's lips as he once again was left with no answer from someone who could possibly hold all the answers to these plain questions he had. His monotonous behavior was beginning to irritate Dante and he wanted an explanation. He was tired of being led astray by people and just hoping that they weren't going to do him any harm. He wanted to be sure and hold onto that belief that he could trust Lecs. Since Lecs had his same power, he had to trust him in some way shape or form. Why not start with Lecs answering both of his questions? What was this "impending disaster" and what was so important about him?

With an audible stomp, Dante stopped in his tracks and frowned towards his leader. He wasn't going anywhere until Lecs told him about the importance of all this. " I want an answer, Lexus.  Either you tell me why I should even begin to trust you or I'm leaving. And we both know that if you don't know where I'm at, I could be doing anything. I could even cause this disaster you're talking about." Surely Dante was the feisty type. But, he just wanted to make sure he wasn't being trained to save something he didn't believe in. With the bold statement assaulting his old ears, Lecs did just as Dante did. He stopped in his tracks. Without even turning towards him to show he was engaged in the conversation, Lecs began to explain. Albeit low detail." Your gift. You were born with it that much is true. But, me and the fellow Monachus caught wind of the plan." Oh no. He was NOT going to stop there." I'm going to walk off if you don't continue."

Lecs shook his head and slowly began to turn towards him. His raspy voice was slightly agitated but he spilled the details." The plan is can I say, prophecy? It's a prediction by The Destroyer. He is destruction itself. He wants to lay waste to the world by any means necessary. His plan is to destroy the world so that it may be rebuilt in his own image. A perfect world where all worship him and nothing happens without his permission. He has his hand in all the worldly affairs you know of. War? He caused the first war. He knew war was a concept man would continue to use and was hoping that the self destruction of man would come quickly. But as you can see we are still a civilized race. War could happen at the drop of a hat but the world isn't a burning wasteland yet."

Dante was amazed now. He was apart of what could be the apocalypse? He must know more!" Come on old man, I wanna hear more!" his originally deep,flat voice was now cocky and smug. He knew Lecs would have to tell him since Lecs wanted to control this situation. Lecs' raspy voice was now clearly irritated." The plan was to unleash a force of super humans on the earth. With their uncontrollable power he planned to bring humanity to it's knees and then obliterate it. It's second nature for you to love blood as much as you do. Such as when you killed that DNA hound. Disperdere is so power that he cannot dwell physically in this world. Which is why he's only created things that might destroy it instead of doing it on his own. He's even got an entire federation dedicated to him called Exterminatore. He created you, but they made sure you were born. Anyone he has spoken directly to, he marks them with a tattoo. Anyone in that federation has the tattoo. The mark of Disperdere"

" Nice to know that I'm apart of some complex plan to end the world. What about you? If I'm supposed to be destroying this world, where are you taking me?" One question just led to another. This is exactly why Lecs didn't answer his questions in the first place. But, he wanted Dante to listen to him so he could help him control his destructive power. Once again Lecs began to elucidate." I'm doing this to help you control yourself. Disperdere is one of the strongest forces that exists. I know of that other side that dwells within you. That voice telling is telling you to kill me right now isn't it? That's Disperdere's influence. He made sure that a part of him was within everyone of of you created by him so that he could control you. He hasn't stepped in only because his plan is not in jeopardy. Or maybe he's waiting for something to happen. Until then we have to plan against what he's doing. You must train and unlock all abilities granted to you so that you may use them against him." 

Oh so he was supposedly going to do this for the greater good? He wasn't a hero but he wouldn't let a world suffer just because some butt hurt entity wanted one to himself. That would be like him kicking down a kid's sand castle just because he couldn't build one. Dante's face curled into a smirk as he decided to play along and learn how to use everything he had....Until he killed Lecs. Whoa whoa whoa...." Alright Lecs, I'll listen. I'll learn how to use my gift and stuff. But, why call it a gift if it's really going to be used to destroy the world?" Lecs' raspy voice let off a sigh as he grabbed the rim of his hood." Remember how I said he marked all he spoke to?" Lecs said, as he pulled down his hood. He had long grey hair that extended down even below into his robes. His eyes were blue and his skin tone was light. Reaching up onto his face from inside his robe was a tattoo that looked almost like a piece of a larger picture. Was he some sort of piece to a puzzle? Dante's eyes widened. He knew that this meant that...." But.....why help the world?" Lecs turned his head away in shame, before explaining. " I encountered him. Albeit his true form my puny mind could not grasp, he told me of his plan and marked me. The woman I love and our child lives in this world. That is reason enough for me to want to save it." Lecs' eyes were sincere as his voice began to lower. Dante though continued to bite." Where are they?" That was one question Lecs couldn't answer. He only stayed silent before Dante got the message.

Well, maybe it was Dante's turn to ramble. " I guess it does make sense that I'm a part of the end. I sometimes wish I was never born to begin with since my mom was..... She was a freaking alcoholic. Every time she beat me I was reminded of how I hate my life. I was an outcast in school and in high school I learned what fake friends are the hard way. And my sperm donor-- I mean Father was never around.  In the fifth grade we had career day. My mom and I were living with my Grandmother so she was unemployed. And guess whose Father wasn't around to represent the family? Yeah. So what did I do when I got to school that morning? I skipped class. I cried. Everyone had a parent except for the weird kid. I only stayed in school because for Eight hours a day I wasn't at home to think about how much of a mistake I was. Every week, with my Grandma's money my mom would get drunk and beat me saying that I'm the reason she was homeless. Unfortunately for me one night a few months again, she got drunk again. And instead of talking down on me, she was done with talking. So she began to beat me. She was my mom so I couldn't hit back. She cut my face with a vase and knocked me out with a pad lock. My Grandmother, feeling it best to not interfere, tended to me after I was out cold."

Lecs though, just like Dante, had one question. " Where is your mother now?" Dante, slowly began to smile, Lecs turning towards him with a confused expression. " She's dead. Don't worry I didn't kill her. She drove off that night in a drunken rage and, instead of dying in a car accident she died in a bar fight. More alcohol I guess. The news covered her story and well, I wasn't mad about the fact she was dead, I was mad that she took her anger out on me. So, instead of staying in the one place that brought me more anguish, I left. I was NOT going to mope in front of my Grandmother. And since then it's just been me. Three months and counting." Dante concluded his story with a proud grin, while Lecs nodded his head in approval. Maybe there was more to Dante then he originally thought. Out of the blue, Lecs reached forward and placed his decrepit hand onto Dante's shoulder, the robe hanging on his wrist. " Kid, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Dante was going to ruin his fun like Lecs did his." Gaaaaaaay" Lecs frowned at him, getting ready to retort but, then something unexpected happened.

There was a flame forming behind Dante. And from that flame a feminine figure began to form."It can't be.....!" Lecs exclaimed in horror.
Longest chapter so far. ^^ Origins and motives are revealed and we also get a new conflict.

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erinyoukai Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, much, much better in formatting and styling of the writing in this chapter. A definite evolution that you should be proud of obtaining. :)
Shattered-Writer Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's like my trophy. :XD: I just fell in love with what I was able to do by waiting and re-reading my own work.
erinyoukai Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I know how that feels. I think I might be finally starting to get better at drawing humanistic creatures, so maybe I'll become confident enough to start posting some adoptables and get more art on here that isn't scenery or writing.
Shattered-Writer Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The day I can learn how to draw will be the day I go streaking in happiness. :XD:
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